Let’s talk about PASSION

For a long time, people held onto the motto ‘Find your Passion‘. You see it in shirts, tarpaulins, movies, and everyone talks about it.

Finding your passion is finding something that you are passionate about. And ever since I was young, that has always been my goal. I wanted to find something that I was passionate about. In this search for my passion, I tried a lot of things.

Those little things that I tried out ultimately helped me become who I am today, but there was something wrong with the attitude that I had. I would usually go into something feeling ecstatic to start trying it out and for a long time, I’m just so excited about it.

For example, when I was a kid, I was so passionate about drawing. I got into drawing and I can say that I was quite successful with it. People liked my work and my grandmother, most especially, backed me up. I would be drawing a day in and day out. And for the first years of my life, especially when I was in grade school, I just really liked drawing. And because I was so passionate about it, whether it’s on weekends, summer break, or every chance I get, I would draw. I would even ask my parents so that I can join art summer workshops.

When I started to encounter people, who were better than me, and when I started getting tired and feeling drained because of the effort I put into drawing, the feeling I had or the passion I had for drawing started to fade. Sometimes I’d want to draw, but I feel lazy so I won’t.

Before I’d use to draw daily- sometimes even twice or thrice a day, but as days passed, it started getting less. Sometimes once a week, once a month, until it came to the point that I only did it at a time I’m in a
mood for it.

Usually, that’s how we view passion.

We find something, a hobby, or interest, or sometimes even a person, and during the start of finding this excitement towards a hobby, interest, or person, we become passionate about them. We can’t controlourselves. We would always want to be with them. We would always want to do it. And that’s all we can think about. And eventually, we start thinking that just because we have this feeling of passion about this thing or person, that that is going to be our goal in life or something we’ll do for the rest of your life. But again, when feelings change, we get bored. Our passion fades.

And because the feeling is not magically sustained, we start thinking that probably this is not for me — that this could not be the right job for me, the right hobby, or even the right person.

We think that passion is a feeling.But as I grew older, I realize that passion is a noun that refers to a thing nor a feeling, passion is an attitude or a trait.

And instead of finding your passion, be passionate.

Don’t just go out of the world and find that thing or a person you have passion for, instead be passionate about everything there is in your life. Not just for one thing, one hobby, one goal, nor one person. If you’re passionate or if the attitude of being passionate is in you,
If you’re passionate or if the attitude of being passionate is in you, then that is how you’re going to behave for all the realms in your life.

Lyqa maravilla

We tend to think this way. Here’s an example. I’m good at academics but not in sports. So, I tend to have a passion for academics and not even attempt to try sports out. But the thing is, in this world, for you to be successful, you have to be passionate about almost everything that you do

You have to exert effort and be disciplined enough to excel in whatever field that you go into. So, if you have a job, a goal in life, or a person you are with, instead of looking at them as your passion right now that can change anytime, have this goal to be passionate about anything in life.

Whatever or wherever you may be right now, a student, someone who’s in-between places, someone looking for work, someone taking care of their family, be passionate.

In and out of work or in and out of the house, be passionate.

Don’t just find your passion. It doesn’t stop there.

Published by lyqamaravilla

I'm a resource speaker, film fan, teacher, and writer from the Philippines. My friends call me either Lyqa, Angel, or Anne. Since I don't really talk much about my personal stuff in the real world, I use the net to express myself. To state it simply, what I can't say, I blog.

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