Passion Takes Persistence

When tackling passion, we learned that we should be passionate instead of finding passion. We also learned that it takes a lot of patience, patience with others, and with ourselves, to achieve our dreams. This time, we will learn how passion takes persistence.

When you want to achieve something, it will not be always that easy.

There are times that when you are pursuing a dream for yourself or your family, there are people around you who won’t believe that you can do it. And you’d feel challenged because of rejection.

This is not something foreign to me. When I started my YouTube channel, my aunt will always tell me that I am wasting time or scoff at me saying why did I choose to do this and waste opportunities given to me. She reminded me of my time in law school and just told me to go out there to conquer the world.

One thing I realized is this. If you want something and if you want to help people out, you have to persistent. Try and try again.

With Team Lyqa, so many people have taken the civil service exam. Some have taken it for 6 times, 8, 12, and maybe even up to 20 times. That’s how long it took them to pass and they are not ashamed of it. It is because they want to stay in the field of government services or eventually go into government services. They believe this is the plan for them or they know this is the way on how they can give a good life to their family, so they are persistent about it.

Failing is what makes you better.

Be persistent and believe that you can do it, and eventually you will.

Lyqa maravilla

A perfect example is J.K. Rowling, known as the one who made the world and universe of the Harry Potter Books and Movie series. She finished the book after her mother died. When she sent it over to publishers and publishing houses, it was rejected 12 times. No one wanted to publish it because they deemed it was too complicated for kids or that the story was too complex. If J.K. Rowling stopped on the 7th, 8th, or even the 12th time and said I don’t want to try anymore, do you think we would have those books now?

We won’t know exactly when we are going to succeed with what we do.

In my life, there are too many times I failed that I can no longer keep count of, yet I still kept going. Failure is an inevitable part of it.  Even if you failed, keep trying. You’ll never know if that’s the right next step for you.

I have a lot of students like that. They’d think that they don’t want to take the exam anymore. But despite failing, they are still persistent. I tell them that they should think that maybe the next time they try taking the exam, that will be it- that they will pass.

Don’t be shy to keep trying. There’s no shame in trying but a lot of shame in quitting.

Failure is a speed bump to success. It makes success sweeter. If you succeed at your first try out of luck, it’s not as meaningful when you have failed and tried several times. That is priceless.

Lyqa maravilla

That’s my dream for you guys.

Whatever you are passionate about, be persistent. Just keep on going.

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I'm a resource speaker, film fan, teacher, and writer from the Philippines. My friends call me either Lyqa, Angel, or Anne. Since I don't really talk much about my personal stuff in the real world, I use the net to express myself. To state it simply, what I can't say, I blog.

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