5 Practical Steps for the Depressed

One of my most read posts in this blog (the most read if you don’t count the ones about romantic love) is Dark Clouds: Depression. And though I’m happy that a lot of people read my own reflections about this condition, I also felt a little sad realizing that this may also mean that aContinue reading “5 Practical Steps for the Depressed”

The 5 People Young People Need In Their Lives

Recent events led me to reexamine my life and to take a closer look at the people who surround me. I had two realizations. I wouldn’t have survived all these trials if they happened 10 years ago. The main reason why I wouldn’t survive was because these people weren’t in my life at that time.Continue reading “The 5 People Young People Need In Their Lives”

6 Myths About Depression

Depression is a rather tricky word. People either avoid using it or use it too generously. You probably know that I grew up in a Christian family. My dad’s the pastor of our church. That means I heard more than my share of messages about how much joy there is in a Christian’s life. There’sContinue reading “6 Myths About Depression”