Passion Takes Persistence

When tackling passion, we learned that we should be passionate instead of finding passion. We also learned that it takes a lot of patience, patience with others, and with ourselves, to achieve our dreams. This time, we will learn how passion takes persistence. There are times that when you are pursuing a dream for yourselfContinue reading “Passion Takes Persistence”

Passion Takes Patience

We all have this magical grand idea that when we have this feeling of passion that everything will click. We believe that with passion, everything we touch will turn into gold, that everything will be successful, that everything we do will be done easily and effectively, and that everything we do will be accepted byContinue reading “Passion Takes Patience”

Let’s talk about PASSION

For a long time, people held onto the motto ‘Find your Passion‘. You see it in shirts, tarpaulins, movies, and everyone talks about it. Finding your passion is finding something that you are passionate about. And ever since I was young, that has always been my goal. I wanted to find something that I wasContinue reading “Let’s talk about PASSION”

5 Practical Steps for the Depressed

One of my most read posts in this blog (the most read if you don’t count the ones about romantic love) is Dark Clouds: Depression. And though I’m happy that a lot of people read my own reflections about this condition, I also felt a little sad realizing that this may also mean that aContinue reading “5 Practical Steps for the Depressed”

Why Do Good Girls End Up With Bad Boys?

One of my schoolmates asked me this question a few years ago. At that time, I didn’t know what to answer. It took a few minutes and a quick recall of my girl friends’ love stories for me to give credit to his observation. It took me 5 years to compose my answer. Now, I’mContinue reading “Why Do Good Girls End Up With Bad Boys?”

On Girls: The Reserve, The Preserved, or the Conserved

I posted an article about boys which classified them into Mr. Right, Mr. Right Now or Mr. Right-For-You a few months ago. You can read it here. Now, it’s time for us, girls. You can be either one of these three. Be very careful to pick which one you prefer to be. This is theContinue reading “On Girls: The Reserve, The Preserved, or the Conserved”