The 5 People Young People Need In Their Lives

Recent events led me to reexamine my life and to take a closer look at the people who surround me. I had two realizations. I wouldn’t have survived all these trials if they happened 10 years ago. The main reason why I wouldn’t survive was because these people weren’t in my life at that time.Continue reading “The 5 People Young People Need In Their Lives”

The Gift of Receiving

When Christmas comes around, hundreds of blog posts talking about giving surface. Christmas has almost become synonymous to gifts, giving, and generosity. I know that some of you already are generous and/or are tired of reading about the same thing again and again. That’s part of the reason why I’m proposing something new this year. Instead of just focusing on theContinue reading “The Gift of Receiving”

6 Myths About Depression

Depression is a rather tricky word. People either avoid using it or use it too generously. You probably know that I grew up in a Christian family. My dad’s the pastor of our church. That means I heard more than my share of messages about how much joy there is in a Christian’s life. There’sContinue reading “6 Myths About Depression”